Life is moving!!

Gimme one word for this PICTURE !!

When we are young, we always thinking about the future, so what if you are old?

In my life, loving a girl is hard to do, but when it comes and looks it will walking done, in fact its disappear and the loved girl is never get my love back. So, I’m lovin girl witch not having a same with my own. Listening this music and rock on your heart!!

I like Photography !! Portrait modeling is my new concept in taking pictures nowadays. For my experience before, I would like taking the animals, landscape scenery, flowers, building, etc. You can check this out, the latest models that I had shoot !! Watch your eyes….

This Video was taken from Jakarta, Indonesia. When you have time at Friday and Saturday Night at Monas (Monumen Nasional) near with Gambir Train Station, then you will see this. Actually, you can also see me on there with my “WhiteBlade” CBR 150, white-black colored. This is just people hobby in Motorsport cornering with safety gear stuffed.